• Capital & Support For Growth Companies


    RevUp is a revenue-based, non-equity, investment program for companies moving fast up a revenue-driven growth curve. Our approach is built on 10+ years of early stage investing and a drive to work with founders we love.

  • Grow Faster.

    RevUp is for B2B and B2C companies that are generating revenue, have a killer team, and plenty of room to run in the markets they serve. Companies receive cash and expert support as they tackle big growth opportunities, including access to our in-house growth team.


    We do not take equity in the companies we invest in. Instead, companies return investment as a percentage of revenue over time. Why this model? Because it works.

  • Capital & Support

    RevUp companies receive $75-$150K in cash and support to accelerate growth. This includes hands-on support from the Betaspring management team, a group that has invested in 100+ companies. Our in-house growth team works with our portfolio companies to expand digital marketing capacity, design and execute on growth experiments, and build infrastructure for long-term success.


    Non-Equity Funding

    RevUp does not take equity. Instead, our portfolio companies return investment as percentage of revenue over time. We are non-dilutive and complimentary to a range of funding sources. We invest in both B2B and B2C companies.


    We win if you win. Our investment program includes face-to-face meetings and team work sessions, as well as remote support. Some travel required for companies not located in the corridor between Boston and NYC.

    Grow Faster.

    RevUp uses a combination of cash and services to help companies get stronger and become more profitable. Our approach is built on 10+ years of experience building businesses and a passion for supporting ventures where customers and revenue are lead drivers of growth.

  • About Betaspring

    Founded in 2009, Betaspring was among the first ten startup accelerators to launch worldwide. In the years following, we invested in 90+ companies. Our portfolio has raised $65M in follow-on funding and produced four exits.


    We launched RevUp in 2015, retaining the best of our mentorship-driven model and adding new features, like an in-house growth team, to help companies act fast on opportunities. We also switched up our investment model to broaden the scope of companies we work with. What hasn't changed? We win when our companies win. And we like it that way.

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  • Wanna Learn More?

    Betaspring invests on a rolling basis and conducts quarterly company screenings. If you are at the helm of a revenue-generating company, focused on growth, and interested in learning more, get in touch using the pre-screening form below.

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  • The RevUp Team

    Allan Tear

    Allan is co-founder and managing partner of Betaspring. Through Betaspring, Allan has worked with 91 high-growth startups and managed a portfolio of companies that has raised more than $65M+ in follow-on funding.  As a technology entrepreneur, Allan has founded three venture-funded startups.  Allan is an active angel investor in early stage technology companies and advises national, state, and local government on nurturing high-growth startup ecosystems.

    Melissa Withers

    Managing Director Melissa Withers loves a good story...and built a career around helping people tell one. Melissa has worked directly with 90+ companies, focusing on all aspects of business building but always with an eye toward helping companies craft and sell a compelling story. Melissa’s career began at Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at MIT, with a unique role developing communications for initiatives like the Human Genome Project. She was co-founder of the Business Innovation Factory, a national leader in the design and testing of business models. Melissa is also a judge and mentor for MassChallenge, a proud Northeastern alum, and co-founder of the Founders League, a coworking community and startup support platform in Providence.


    Bill Cesare

    With 30 years experience as a serial entrepreneur, Bill has been a principal in over a dozen start-up companies in New England ranging from medical services, healthcare devices to internet information exchanges. He is an active Angel investor in over 25 start-up businesses in Rhode Island, and an early supporter and investor in Betaspring. Bill was a co-founder and lead investor of Teespring.com, and most recently founded IHSDigital, a social e-commerce marketing firm. 

  • Our Mentors

    Here are some of the people who help our companies thrive.

    Chris Savage

    Founder and CEO, Wistia

    Jeremy Hitchcock

    Founder and CEO, Dyn

    Pamela O'Hara

    CEO, Batchbook

    Charlie Kroll

    CEO, Ellevate Financial

    Founder, Andera

    Angus Davis

    Founder, & CEO, Swipely

    Co-founder, TellMe

    Sunny Bates

    Sunny Bates Associates

    Super Connector

    Jim Grace
    CEO, InsureMyTrip

    Walker Williams
    CEO, Teespring

    Jimmy Van Allen

    CFO, Nanigans

    Customer Acquisition

    Seth Price

    VP Marketing, Placester

    Content Marketing

    Jon Dodd
    CEO, Tuition Management
    Angel Investor

    Lois Kelly


    PR & Communications

    Brian helped Ofoto, Moo.com, and Teespring scale their operations to meet global demand.

    Brian Murphy

    VP of Supply Chain, Teespring

    Startup Operations

    Bob Skeffington
    Co-Founder, PMG
    Angel Investor

    Bari Harlam

    BJ's Wholesale Club

    EVP, Marketing

    Nick Kishfy
    CEO, MojoTech

    Tech Services

    Soren Ryherd
    CEO, Working Planet

    Search Engine Marketing

    Marshall Votta

    Chief Market Officer RowdMap

    Martin Keen
    Keen, Focal Upright

    Rajiv Kumar

    Founder & CEO, ShapeUp

    Pete Rumsey
    CEO, B2Q Technologies

    Channel Sales

    Roni Kabessa
    CEO, DCI

    Consumer Products

    Lee Pichette

    Product Marketing

    Steve Lane
    Founder, Ximedica

    Zac Goldberg

    Groupon, Exo

    Digital Advertising

    John Dipippo
    Angel Investor

    Coryndon Luxmoore

    VP Design, Buildium

    Danny Warshay

    Co-founder, G-Form

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