GreenGoose Sensor Kits Hit Market on January 1!

44 Here's one more reason to get psyched for 2012: you can now pre-order GreenGoose's ridiculously cool personal sensor kit, which is set to ship to customers on January 1!

Betaspring alums GreenGoose have created a genius at-home product that uses wireless sensors to turn everyday activities and household products into interactive fun. Put a sticker onto an object and presto, you've got an internet-connected sensor.  Measure, monitor, play. 

GreenGoose's lifestyle game platform is enabled by wireless sensors that automatically measure personal behaviors with sensors embedded into small stickers that stick to objects such as toys, pets, water bottles, toothbrushes, and household objects. Online games are played by doing things in the real-world that are wirelessly transmitted to the GreenGoose platform. GreenGoose has packaged the system into a small, sleek kit--the wireless sensor receiver is about the size of an egg--usable by anyone.

This week, GreenGoose earned a sweet shout out from O'Reilly Radar, when reporter Audrey Watters interviewed GreenGoose founder Brian Krejcarek. In his interview, Brian lays out the simple but elegant way in which GreenGoose's platform can mine data from everyday experiences in a way that is both fun and insightful.

An excerpt from the O'Reilly Radar interview:

"Our sensors measure things you do based on how you interact with an object...For example, you can put a sensor sticker on a medicine bottle or water bottle. There are certain patterns here — tip, dispense, return upright — that the sensors can pick up...We're finding all kinds of new applications for these sensors. We're going to be launching with sensors that target pets — measuring when you feed your pets or walk the dog, for instance. We've got about 50 or so other sensors in development right now that we will fairly quickly release over time."

 Read the whole interview here

Check out GreenGoose and preorder their kits at!