Splitwise 2.0: Now Available On Android

Hot damn! Splitwise launched a major new version of it's software for all major platforms and integrated PayPal payments to boot! The Splitwise update includes an Android app modeled on its popular iPhone app, as well as PayPal payments and other new features on the Splitwise website. 

72 Over the past three weeks, Splitwise climbed 110 spots to claim #40 Top Free Financial Apps in the Appstore, and landed some sweet ink in Lifehacker

Splitting bills can be a big source of relationship stress, whether it’s collecting rent from roommates, organizing receipts after a group vacation, or repaying a loan to a friend. Splitwise makes it easy to track all these events in one place and make sure everyone pays what they owe. 

In addition to an Android app, Splitwise has added several new features to its redesigned platform, including the ability to send real money and settle debts via PayPal on the website. 

The addition of real payments makes Splitwise a full-service solution to the problem of sharing bills. While users have been able to track debts and cash payments before, now debts can be settled through Splitwise, too.

Other key new features include:

Split costs with any group of friends in your phone address book

Track private IOUs with another user

Attach images of receipts

Itemize grocery receipts and shopping trips

Export summaries to PDF format and Excel

The Splitwise app can be accessed for free via Splitwise.com, or on the iPhone and Android app stores.