Revenizer Live with Support from MailChimp’s Integration Fund

Congrats to Betaspring alum Revenizer on their public launch. Launch partner MailChimp also announced Revenizer’s inclusion in their $1M integration fund. MailChimp supports more than 2 million subscribers worldwide.  

76 Revenizer gives small businesses a simplified marketing dashboard with expert tips on how to improve built in. For small businesses, Revenizer is the easiest way to keep track of all their web marketing and figure out what to do to improve.  The application offers a dashboard with selected marketing stats from the most popular small business apps combined with curated expert tips on how to do better. 

Integrations range from Facebook and Google Analytics through to MailChimp and Freshbooks. Expert tips are curated from sources including Mashable, Social Media Examiner, KISSMetrics and other thought leaders. As online marketing continues to rapidly change and evolve, Revenizer allows small businesses to keep up and compete better with larger competitors.

“We are working with our partners to make it easier to successfully grow a small business using all the new tools,” said founder and CEO Phil Rogers. “Our goal is to make entrepreneurship normal and something almost everyone does. After all, creating and building small businesses is a social good. More small businesses mean more new ideas, more diversity and more economic freedom”.

Word on the street is that Revenizer is offering a limited time offer of free service for a year! Visit them at