Startups: Betaspring Experience' is December 13

If you have applied for our Spring 2013 accelerator session (and there are no reasons in your application for us to immediately disqualify you from consideration) then get ready to join us on December 13 in Providence for the Betaspring Experience--the day during each application cycle when we welcome early applicants to see our space, meet our team, and talk with Betaspring alumni. 

As a bonus, mentor and special guest Dave Balter will be here to drop some wisdom based on his experience as a founder, angel investor and super-champion of the New England startup scene. 

Choosing an accelerator is one of the most important decisions a startup can make. We feel the same way about choosing companies. We have the luxury of choosing which companies we interview. We think it's fair that you have a chance to check us out too.

See it.  We have a galactic headquarters where the program runs twice a year. Come see the space. If you join us in February, this will be your home for three months.

Ask it.  Culture. Fit. Vibe. These variables are hard to evaluate remotely. While here, participants ask questions of our team, our alumni and of each other that provide valuable feedback into the decision process.

Enjoy it.   The day's hard work will be justly rewarded with some fun, including an introduction to our five-tap craft beer kegerator and our wine cellar, plus tasty treats from Providence's killer culinary scene.

Advance it. Some participants will be invited to advance through the acceptance process and have a more substantive interview with the Betaspring partners.  When we chose companies we look closely at the founders--their motivations, their energy, team dynamic, mentorability, etc. There have been companies that looked mediocre on paper, but after meeting the founders we knew they were destined for greatness.

*This event is invitation only and not open to the public. You must be an applicant to our Spring 2013 Session to participate.  


Curious about our applications? This map shows the parts of country and the world from where we received applications for our Fall 2012 program.