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Betaspring Expands to Washington D.C. & Baltimore

Investment selection begins 9/13

Moving fast up a revenue-fueled growth curve? Looking for non-dilutive funding and world-class support to double down on growth? If so, Betaspring’s RevUp fund may be for you. Betaspring currently has active investments in Boston, New York and Pittsburgh, and we are excited to now expand into the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore area.

RevUp invests cash and capacity into B2B and B2C companies that are generating revenue, have a killer team, and plenty of room to run in the markets they serve. In addition to cash support (average investment is $100K), RevUp companies receive dedicated access to Betaspring’s in-house growth team and active support from Betaspring’s management team. Our non-dilutive, non-equity model enables us to invest in broad spectrum of exciting companies.

Betaspring is hosting screening meetings with qualified candidates in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area September 13-15. See below for eligibility requirements and details on how to request a meeting.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Solid MRR with month-over-month growth (companies entering portfolio with annual recurring revenue in $300K-$1.5M range)

  • High quality team with proven execution ability

  • Room to run in the market and readiness to grow faster

Funding Mechanics:

  • Cash investment of $100K

  • Dedicated access to Betaspring's in-house growth team

  • Active support from Betaspring management team

  • 36-month return period with revenue royalty ranging from 4-8%

How to Request a Screening Meeting
Meetings will be held in D.C. on September 13-14 at the Alley co-working space and in Baltimore on September 15. To qualify for a meeting, eligible companies must submit a brief pre-screening form here. ( Please specify preferred location in the final field of the pre-screening form. Questions? Drop a line to

Examples from the RevUp Portfolio:

  • Felix Gray: Fast growing company selling warby-parker style eyewear with proprietary lens that blocks blue light and glare

  • RF Venue: Well-established spectrum management audio hardware with SaaS component

  • Nested Bean: Weighted sleepwear for infants that mimics human touch

  • MarketMuse: Platform that enables content creators to build more effective content, establish topic authority, and improve SEO

  • Postfly: Fly fishing gear for millennial anglers, e-commerce company with strong social marketing

  • Wicked Good Cookies: Edible ink printed on cookies, emphasis on enterprise customers and campaign fulfillment

  • Clarabyte: Full service data destruction for end of life electronics, replaces the shredder to reduce landfill waste and help customers reclaim value of decommissioned devices

More About Betaspring
Betaspring has been investing in early stage companies since 2009 (120+ companies, five exits, $65MM in follow-on). The team launched RevUp in 2014 as a way to invest in a broad spectrum of companies free from the constraints of an equity-only model. You can read more about us on our website at


The RevUp Growth Team
The RevUp growth team works directly with our investees to evaluate, identify, and execute on revenue growth opportunities. Trained across a full stack of marketing tools, the growth team works with each portfolio company for ~6 months following investment, free of charge. More on how it works.

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