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Pittsburgh Screening Days are October 26 & 27

Betaspring is selecting final investment picks for 2016 and have screening meetings in Pittsburgh lined up for October 26 & 27. Companies do not need to relocate to be eligible for investment. (more on that: check out a blog on three recent investments, including one is Pittsburgh).

If you're in the Pittsburgh area, building a killer revenue-focused company, and would like to request a meeting, please complete this prescreening form. Information on investment type and eligibility requirements below.

Betaspring's RevUp fund uses a combination of cash and services to help revenue-driven companies go farther, faster. RevUp does not take equity. Portfolio companies return investment as percentage of revenue over time. Our approach is built on 10+ years of experience building companies—the Betaspring equity portfolio (90 companies since 2009) has raised $65M in follow-on funding and produced four exits. With RevUp, we take the best of what we developed through the Betaspring accelerator (top ranked in nation 2009-2014) and pair it with a non-equity vehicle that fills an important void in the capital continuum and expands the spectrum of companies we support.

Companies eligible for investment have:

  • Minimum MRR of $25K, with trailing growth 
  • Full time team with proven execution ability
  • Room to run in the market they serve

*We are industry/sector agnostic with both B2B and B2C companies in the RevUp portfolio

Funding Mechanics

  • Average cash investment $100K
  • 36-month return period with revenue royalty ranging from 5-7%.
  • Primarily East Coast focused 
  • Growth services includes high touch support from the Betaspring management team and 3-6 months of access to our in-house growth team, which is trained across the full stack of digital growth tools. This is expertise that cannot be purchased on the open market. 

To request a review, please complete this prescreening form.

We also have screening days coming up in Boston, New York and Providence. Questions? Drop a line for more information.

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