What is Betaspring?

Betaspring is a mentorship-driven Providence-based startup accelerator program for technology and design entrepreneurs who are ready to build a product, launch a company, and change the world.

Interested? Check out the overview of the Betaspring program or take a look at some of the people who will be advising you.

Congrats to alum Splitwise on closing a $1.4M seed round! Splitwise was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Bittner, Ryan Laughlin, and Marshall Weir to make it easy to deal with shared expenses with friends... more »
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2014 is the year when mobile takes over the internet. Industry projections for both the number of users and overall web users show that smartphones have overtaken the desktop for good. Social network... more »
We are looking for a high energy project manager who knows how to get a lot of things done (and done well). This position is public facing with opportunities to interact with startups, investors,... more »
After accelerating 90 companies, we have seen just about everything, from unexpected victories to painful losses, magnificent pivots to total strikeouts. Consumer behaviors and market trends change... more »